UJN Hold Appointment Ceremony for Professor Kejin Wang of Iowa State University

Jun,06 2016  from:News Center

On June 5th, UJN Hold Appointment Ceremony for Professor Kejin Wang of Iowa State University. Cheng Xin, the secretary of the party committee, presented the Letter of Appointment to Professor Kejin Wang. Related leaders of School of materials science and engineering and Shandong Key Laboratory of building materials preparation and testing technology, and some teachers and students participated in the ceremony.

After the ceremony, Professor KejinWang presented a academic report entitled ¡°Studying the Evolution of Sulfates and Hydroxides in Cement - Fly Ash Pastes Using Raman Spectroscopy¡±. Professor Kejin Wang introduced hydration process and hydration products based on analysis of cement basic material using Raman technique. The research of Professor KejinWang was published in one of the top journals in the field of Cement Concrete ¡ª Cement and Concrete Research. Professor KejinWang also answered questions raised by students and teachers. Then, Professor KejinWang visited the key laboratory, and expressed that he was looking forward to the research findings.

Professor KejinWang is a famous experts in the field of concrete materials science and engineering. He is employed by Iowa State University, and also a member of American Concrete Institute and a professional engineer in Illinois. He serves as associate editor of Materials in Civil Engineering. Professor KejinWang¡¯s research mainly focuses on mechanism of hydration and hardening of cement based materials, microstructure and properties of slurry, and deterioration mechanism and repair of reinforced concrete. He has published 7 scholarly monographs, more than 130 papers; he cultivated more 40 postgraduates and won the Charles Shaffer¡¯s academic pioneer award twice.