UJN International Students of SIEE Visits Lu Embroidery Exhibition

Jun,17 2015  from:News Center

University of Jinan(UJN), June.24, 2015: Recently, international students of UJN School International Education and Exchange(SIEE) headed by director of  SIEE of SIEE  visited Lu embroidery exhibition held by Xuanran Culture Communication Company.,Ltd.


    Wang Jiadong, General Manager, thought highly of UJNĄŻ School of International Education and Exchange for its support in the international exchange and communication of Shandong traditional culture and art. He said that Xuanran Culture is the heritage center of the provincial intangible cultural heritag---Lu embroidery in Shandong Province and welcome the foreign students to visit and study in "Lu-embroidery" workshop. Dean Zhang Shoufeng thanked Xuanran Culture on behalf of the teachers and students both at home and abroad in the school and hoped that the international students not only learn Chinese well, but also learn the rich regional culture with distinctive features.

    After that, the foreign students, led by the inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage in Shandong Province, understood the production technology of Lu embroidery, visited the production process of Lu embroidery, and watched Shandong clapper ballad performed by Yin Jun, China's famous Shandong clapper ballad performance artist. During the activity, the foreign students expressed admiration for the exquisite workmanship of Lu embroidery, and also hoped that the school could organize more culture experience activities to enrich their life in China.

Translated by Carolzhang