UJN-Zhangqiu City to Cooperate on Innovation of Science and Technology

Feb,14 2015  from:News Center


    University of Jinan(UJN), February. 14, 2015: On January 28th, UJN's Science and Technology Office organized a visit to Zhangqiu City for docking communication on cooperation with Bureau of Science and Technology of Zhangqiu City in production, study and research.

    Tian Jiaqiang, director of Bureau of Science and Technology of Zhangqiu City delivered a welcome speech to the guests from UJN, thanking UJN for its support and help to Zhangqiu City's innovation in science and technology over the years, speaking highly of the preliminary cooperation between the two sides in science and technology, and hoping to be able to further enhance the cooperation and deepen the bilateral close cooperation relationship. Liu Zongming, director of UJN Science and Technology Office, thanked Zhangqiu City government for its vigorous support in UJN's work of science and technology. He reviewed the exchanges and cooperation between UJN and Zhangqiu City government and the enterprises under its jurisdiction and introduced the basic ideas and experiences of UJN's science and technology service work, expressing UJN's willingness to co-build a platform with Zhangqiu City government for the transformation of science and technology and service, guiding and supporting experts and professors to access to the park and enterprise for deepening cooperation and achieving win-win. Meng Qingxin, deputy director of Bureau of Science and Technology of Zhangqiu City, introduced the industrial structure and development plan, focusing on the situation of the four major industrial parks and the needs for technology and innovation across the whole city.

    Then both sides had in-depth exchanges, making a discussion on matters concerning the establishment of the comprehensive cooperative relations between the university and local government, organization of "Activity of experts from UJN to serve innovation of science and technology in Zhangqiu City", and experts holding posts in science and technology. Both sides achieved substantial intention and agreed on the work arrangements over the next stage.