The U.K.Professor Tells You Songs Made by the Sun

Dec,03 2014  from:News Center


    Univerisy of Jinan(UJN), December  3, 2014: On November 10th , Professor Robertus Robertus von F¨˘y-Siebenb¨ırgen from the University of Sheffield in the U.K. visited UJN School of Control Science and Engineering (SCSE)by the invitation and delivered the speech entitled Living with the Star. The faculty and students from SCSE attended it.

    Professor Robertus focused on that the sun could make song and the application in human life and the latest progresss of solar energy. He said improved understanding of coronal loops means improved understanding of solar physics as a whole. According to him,that, in turn, can help scientists better predict solar storms- those violent bursts of magnetic energy the sun produces periodically, wreaking potential havoc on earthly power grids and electronic communications. He mentioned with NASA calling for a severe solar-storm season in 2013 and with more and more of the world becoming Web-, BlackBerry- and iPad-dependent, a major disruption could have serious implications. He said university is including all of its new findings in its larger Project Sunshine program, a push to not just advance basic solar science but harness it to produce renewable energy. 

     After the speech , Professor Robertus answered the questions raised by attendees and had a heated discussion on his speech with them.


    Professor Robertus' research interests lie in the general field of space plasma physics. The heating processes that generate and sustain the observed high temperature of the solar and stellar atmospheres have so far defied a quantitative understanding despite the multitude of efforts spanning over half a century. The aim of his research is to address these questions through theoretical (both numerical and exact analytical methods) and observational studies (joint ground-based and satellite missions). Particular attention is paid to the solar influence on the magnetosphere and space weather.