Professor of Washington State University Visited UJN

Nov,18 2014  from:News Center

 University of Jinan(UJN), November l8, 2014: On Novermber 10, Dr.Zhong Weihong , professor of Washington State University , visited UJN and gave a speech titled "Flexible and Safe Battery Materials for Next Generation Conformable Electronics and Power Sources "in Shandong Provincial Key Laboratory of Fluoroacetic Chemsty and Chemical Materials.Prof. Yue Yunlong , director of Discipline Construction and Management Office, presided at symposium.Close to 200 UJNers attended it.

    Dr.zhong mentioned in her speech to procure safe, ultra-elastic and superior ironically conductive solid polymer electrolytes (SPEs) are a prerequisite for the development of foldable/flexible devices that are increasingly demanded in next-generation electronics and high power density applications. In her talk, safety issues for the use of Li-ion batteries are summarized, and then two types of SPEs that possess high ionic conductivity and strong interfacial adhesion with electrodes are introduced. One is a bio-based SPE. Developing such high performance SPEs using a bio-material is particularly significant. Abundant soy products are usually used as rigid fillers for enhancing mechanical properties of plastics.In her studies, a rubber-like, soy protein-based SPE was achieved via controlling denatured structure of soy protein isolate. The conductivity and elasticity are both significantly improved with soy protein involvement. The other SPE is called gum-like electrolyte, as it appears like a chewing gum. Her study results showed that it can have a great potential to possess all-around beneficial properties: high ionic conductivity and mechanical properties, strong adhesion, and stable retention of liquid component as well as good safety characteristics.

    Background Information:   
   Dr.Zhong initiated her academic career in 1994 the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (BUAA), China, where she received her PhD. In 1999, Dr. Zhong was promoted to full professor,becoming the youngest full professor at BUAA, and one of the youngest full professors in China. From 2002 to 2003, Dr. Zhong worked as a visiting scientist at Vanderbilt University. She started her associate professorship at North Dakota State University in 2003. In 2007, she joined Washington State University (WSU), in which she is currently an endowed chair professor. Dr. Zhong has served as a consultant, collaborative researcher and educator for the Boeing Company in the area of nanotechnology since 2006. Dr. Zhong has received numerous awards/honors including the SPE/Dow Chemical® Composites Educator of the Year 2011,  has been selected as one of the 15 World's Best Scholars by the University of British Columbia in Canada in 2012, and in addition, Dr. Zhong was awarded the Excellent Academic Advisor at WSU in 2013, based on the success of her graduated outstanding PhD students who have received numerous global honors, including the prestigious Boeing FlightGlobal Award/Boeing Engineering Student of the Year in 2010 (2nd place) and 2012 (1st place), and the Worldwide Top 50 PhD/post-docs by MRS (2 PhD student recipients) in 2011. Dr. Zhong has conducted many research projects on nanocomposites, energy storage materials, bio-materials and nano-manufacturing technology. Dr. Zhong has more than 260 publications, including over 161 peer-reviewed journal papers, 1 book, 4 book chapters, over 90 conference papers and a number of patents.