The Engineering Training Center Finished Design for Indoor Air Cleaner

Mar,14 2014  from:News Center

    University of Jinan(UJN), Mar. 14: The frequent appearance of hazy weather makes PM2.5 content in the air obstinately high. Air quality makes a great challenge to people's health. In order to improve air quality and lower PM2.5 index, the Engineering Training Center has made attempts at improving small environment. After a year's trial, an experimental indoor air cleaner came into being early this year.

       Air Indoor Clearner Madey by UJN Engineering Training Center

 The main body of this machine uses Acrylic transparent material. The components are cut via laser. The device is assembled with air blower, transformer, and filtrating screen by way of clips and a few screws. The device is compact with the size of 400*256*180 mm. The air outlet is adjustable and can also be connected to the outside. The layout is simple and you can see the fouling degree of the filtrating screen any time. It is very convenient to assemble or replace the filter.

    This device adopts two-layer filtering and stepless speed regulation. Compared with the similar products, it has the following properties: unique structure, small size, large air volume, good effect of filtering PM2.5 and easy disassembly. It has good effect on improving air quality and is suitable for experiment teaching.