3D Teaching Printer Made by UJN Engineering Training Center

Jan,21 2014  from:News Center

It took UJN Engineering Training Center more than a year to successfully make 3D Printer for teaching demonstration.
Beginning in 2012, Mr. Shan Yonglei and his team started the research on manufacturing the 3D printer.The research team he leads focused on experimental printer which established a solid foundation for further research.

3D Teaching Printer Made by UJN Engineering Training Center

In 2013, the team led by Ruan Demin worked out the 3D printer and made  an overall improvement in its material and structure by utilizing advanced technologies such as laser processing and linear cutting, for which the staff made 20 drawings and standardized size of spare parts.

Its simple appearance and flexible structure, as well as easily-assembled  spare parts parts are regarded as the most remarkable characteristics of this printer.

JX-1-3DP is designed for teaching demonstration, which is applicable to providing cognitive teaching, training ,experiencing of 3D technology and establishing a platform for 3D DIY fans to interact with each other.