UJN Students Attended Taiwan Workshop on Cross-strait Culture

Jan,02 2014  from:News Center

The University of Jinan delegation, composed of teachers and students from School of Education and Psychology, attended a - week-long Toko University-Alishan workshop on cross-strait culture in order to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Taiwan colleges and universities. The delegation was well received by Toko University chairman Cheng Xian, president Shi Guangxun and vice-president Sun Ruoyi. It is for the first time that UJN students were sent to visit Taiwan for culture exchange.

Based on the high level talks between University of Jinan and Toko University previously, the agreement on School of Education and Psychology -Toko University Joint Special Education Program was signed during this visiting after in-depth discussions on cooperative modes, the establishment of exchange program, and holding a forum on higher education.

The agreement the two sides has reached on these issues marks a significant promotion of higher education exchanges and cooperation between UJN and Taiwan.

Background Information:
Founded in 2001, Toko Unversity is considered the teaching and applied university located in Taiwan.Meanwhile it is well-known in the field of special education.